Let the credit flow unprecedented, let the infinite imagination play
Let the infinite benefit can be embodied, until every corner of the planet

—— Genesis block message

Technology introduction

Bottom technology stack

As the underlying public chain system, Wisdom Chain is designed around the principles of notarization autonomy, security and reliability. The implementation of the five public chain technology stacks (cryptographic components, consensus mechanism, script system, storage mechanism and account model) is strictly logically verified and mathematically demonstrated.

Document knowledge base

Fundamentals of Technical Design

The Wisdom Chain Development Document organizes the common materials, basic operations, basic data structures of Wisdom Chain for beginners to learn and understand Wisdom Chain quickly. The document will be updated continuously and may change due to the fast updates.

1. Block data is open and transparent, and transaction structure is verified by the whole network and all nodes
2. All transaction calls, such as token definition and flow, are triggered externally
3. Using the verification rule programming for business application
4. The consensus mechanism includes workload proof, mixed dpos mechanism, and X8 iterative hash calculation, which ensures the efficiency of consensus and provides high anti branching ability
5. Average 10 seconds block output, 4m block size, support large memory pool, can achieve 400k / s throughput processing capacity
6. The mechanism of kV + relation database is adopted for the account book data storage, which supports large data volume by default
7. It supports batch continuous and discontinuous transaction sending, and can withstand large-scale transaction sending with single address

  • Certificate

  • Content confirmation

  • Tracing to the source

  • Chain advertisement

  • Token definition

  • Settlement and exchange

  • Lightning network

  • Token switch

  • Chain mall

  • More program information will be released so

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